Production Services

Pascarelli Productions offers affordable  video production of all kinds with unmatched quality.  Video in this day and age is very critical for businesses to have. A short promotional video added to your marketing tools is essential.
We offer nearly every sort of video production need (excluding weddings). Here are just SOME examples of what Pascarelli Productions provides:
  • Business Profile Video- These videos are great for your website and e-newsletters. This is an opportunity to feature your business along with its dedicated employees! In addition, it allows your customers to associate a face with the company. After watching the video, your customers will walk away better understanding your services and personality.
  • Training Video- Training videos will quickly save you money and time. By utilizing these services, employees are able to go through training from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day! You can even put up the video with a private Youtube link so employees can watch it at home! Not only is it good for new employees, the videos can be re-watched as many times as needed for a refresher course.
  • Product Video- Do you have a product or item that needs to be seen by the masses? A great way to introduce your product is by showcasing it via video. It would be much easier to share this video with people from all over the world than to physically show the product to them in person. You can attract a lot of new business by having this video sit on its homepage for the world to view.
  • Conference/ Speaker Engagement- Conferences can be a very expensive endeavor. So why not hire us to video tape the event for you to use forever? Not only is it a great marketing tool, the conference video can easily and quickly be shared throughout the company.  Something else to consider – If you are speaking at a conference, wouldn’t it be great for your resume if you had video examples of your talk online?
  • Trade Show/ Company Event- Going to have a booth at a trade show? Having a looped video at your booth for potential clients to see is priceless. This added attraction reels in many people, while providing helpful information. Don’t forget, it is also a great asset to record the booth and/or event! You can bring the excitement of the show back to clients and provide a marketing tool for years to come.
Again, these are just some examples of what Pascarelli Productions offers. No job is too big or too small.
We invite you to check out our video reel so you can check out some samples of our work and to contact us with any questions.
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